On Botswana’s Chobe River northern border with Namibia, Kasane is the gateway to Chobe National Park, one of the most prolific wildlife areas in Africa, noted for its elephants...

Before You Go

Basic Travel Tips

Please follow the following guidelines that will help set you on your way for a pleasant and hassle-free flying experience:

  • Ensure you get your baggage tag and it has the correct route/destination.
  • Check the boarding/departure time on the boarding pass
  • Follow the security and safety regulations from our ground staff and cabin crew.
  • Ensure your mobile phones are switched off at all times once in the aircraft.

Our flights are usually short haul, but in case of a long haul, follow these simple steps and enjoy a relaxed journey.

  • Before you fly follow the doctors’ orders, if you suffer from any medical conditions, or are on long term medication, please talk to your doctor about your travel plans and discuss whether you need to take any special precautions when flying. Check if you need anti-malarial advice.
  • Please carry your chronic medication with you on your checked baggage.
  • Rest, allow lots of time and there will be no need to rush. Avoid heavy meals. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and use a trolley to take the weight off your luggage.
  • During the flight try not to sit still for too long. When convenient, get out of your seat and move around the cabin. Stand up and stretch your arms and legs every time if permissible.
  • Go for the light meal. Eat a light meal and drink water, little and often is best. Go easy on alcohol, coffee and tea!
  • Indulge in some moisturizer to keep your skin feeling fresh. When you land at your destination take a gentle stroll to help stimulate the circulation, then if you can, put your feet up and relax.

Refund Policy

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Baggage Policy

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