Air Botswana’s principal domestic route is between Gaborone and Francistown, Botswana’s second city and ‘Capital of the North’. This busy commercial, industrial and transport...


Baggage Liability

Please inspect your baggage immediately after claiming it at your destination. Any damaged or missing items must be reported before leaving the airport. The airline operates a computerised tracing system for missing bags, which when located are send to the passenger’s final destination. If the trace is unsuccessful you will be asked to complete a baggage claim form. Compensation for lost baggage is made at the rate of US$20 per kilogram, up to a maximum of 20kg. You can of course take our your own insurance for baggage. 

Sharp Objects

Be sure to pack knives and scissors and other sharp objects in your check-in baggage. Such items must not be placed in carry-on baggage because, on x-ray detection, they will be confiscated by airport security.

Carry-On Baggage

You will understand the need to limit carry-on baggage, in both weight and size. The bag or case that you bring into the cabin should not weigh more than 7kg and must fit into the overhead lockers.

Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers are required to produce a medical certificate of fitness to travel at the time of making their reservation. Air travel is not permitted after the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Electronic Equipment

Cellular telephones must be switched off before boarding. The use of cell phones and other electronic equipment such as computers, computer games and sound systems is not permitted as this may interfere with the aircraft’s avionics system. 


We suggest that you keep your seatbelt fastened during the flight, even when the seatbelt sign is not illuminated. This is just a precaution and for your peace of mind in the event of turbulence. After landing please remain seated even when the aircraft is stationary, until the seatbelt sign has been switched off.

Check-In Times

Please save yourself the stress of late check-in at the airport. For a domestic flight you should check in at the Air Botswana counters at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your flight. For international flights you should check in at least one hour before scheduled departure time. You will not be allowed to board if you arrive late at the flight cannot be delayed because of the inconvenience this imposes to other passengers, who may have onward connections. 


If you are travelling to South Africa your passport must be valid for at least 30 days after your intended date of return. However, most countries require the passport to be valid for at least six months after the intended date of return.

Valuables And Special Items

When you pack for your flight, please do not put things like cash, jewellery, laptop computer, electronic devices or medicines in baggage that will be checked in. Rather take these special items on board in your carry-on bag. Air Botswana, in common with other airlines, advises against including valuables in checked baggage, and will not be liable for the loss of such items.


Please make sure that you know well in advance of travelling whether you need a visa for the destination country. The airline or a travel agent can help you by providing information and advice, but the responsibility to apply for and obtain a visa rests with you.