Air Botswana is the only carrier flying direct between Gaborone and Cape Town. The service is popular, enabling passengers to travel direct in both directions without having to...

At The Airport

Check-In Time

Different obligatory check-in deadlines have to be observed at each airport. You will find these published in the respective carriers’ timetables. Please be sure to check-in not later than the time given.

For Domestic flights check–in time is 1 hour before the departure time and International flights check-in is 2 hours before the departure time.

From Johannesburg (Oliver Tambo International Airport) check-in time is 2 hours before the departure time.

Otherwise the carrier is entitled to refuse to honor your reservation. The following notice does not apply to tickets sold in the United States for transportation originating in the United States.

Check-In Requirements

All ticket Bookings and payments online should completed within 6 hours before commencement of travel.

If you book online and pay by CREDIT CARD, an e-ticket will be sent to your email address directly. Air Botswana reserves the right to accept or deny credit card payments.

Passengers who paid by CREDIT CARD, should bring along their credit card; if credit card holder is not a traveller, a copy of the card, a signed note and a copy of the passport should be brought along.

All tickets will be issued within 6 hours, if you do not recieve the e-ticket within this timeframe, please contact

Passenger Identification

All non-Botswana citizens must use only their National Passports as a form of identification for both domestic and international travel. Botswana nationals are required to use National Passports only for international travel. Botswana citizens are required to use only their National Identity Card (Omang) for domestic travel. Boarding will be refused for citizens who present their National Passport as a form of identification at check-in. In addition, children who do not have passports or Omang cards should be identified by their birth certificates and should be identified by their parents or a legal guardian.

Please also note that passengers are required to carry the above identification documents throughout their travel.

Baggage Information

Dangerous Articles In Baggage

Air Botswana operates an all economy cabin and allows per passenger, 23kg checked luggage. Infants not occupying a seat are entitled to a free luggage allowance of 10kg. Air Botswana also accepts only one piece of hand luggage of not more than 7 kg.

Dangerous articles in baggage

For safety reasons,dangerous articles such as those listed below, must not be carried in passengers’ baggage. 

Compressed gases-(Deeply refrigerated,flammable,non-flammable and poisonous)such as butane,oxygen,liquid nitrogen,aqulung cylinders.

Corrosives such as acids,alkalis,mercury and wet cell batteries.

Explosives,munitions,fireworks and flares.

Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter fuel,MATCHES,paints,thinners, fire-lighters.

Radioactive materials

Brief -cases and attached cases with installed alarm devices

Oxidising materials: such as bleaching powder,peroxides.

Poisons and infectious substances: such as insecticides, weed-killers and live virus materials.

Other dangerous articles: such as magnetised material,offensive or irritating materials.

Medicines and toiletries in limited quantities which are necessary or appropriate for the passenger during the journey,such as hairsprays,perfumes and medicines containing alcohol may be carried.Many of these listed articles can be carried as air cargo provided they are packed in accordance with cargo regulations.

Further information is available on request.